Where is Cryptic? | Disbanded in 2015.

Where is skids? | Skids has always been a private group since 2016, though has been very inactive lately.

What happened to IotReg? | IotReg was terminated back in 2018 by Tenebrous's fanbase, and we never made an attempt to build the community back up again.

What happened to Verio? | The original Verio we all loved was ruined due certain people, several attempts were made to build it up again, however none were successful.

What is Enlight? | Enlight is a game I created in late november 2017, and I have ever since not finished it.

Verio Client

* Integrated Lunar Friends API
* Cape & Wings API
* Live Radio
* 100% Offline Assets
* Original CheatBreaker Reskin


* Project Enlight the Game
* Unreleased to the general public
* Been in development since late november 2017
* 2022-06-21 | 22:05: Release of the Evolution of Enlight

splarsgg clicker

* Bypasses paladin.ac
* Completely undetectable
* Safe & Trusted since 2017
* Configurable & Customiseable


splarsgg client

* Private & Unreleased
* Been in development since 2016